Many of these steps are designed for construction projects and may not apply if you're seeking down-payment assistance - we can help you decide what steps apply to your need.

What type of improvements are needed? Has a code compliance and structural review of your property been done?

Review the Improvements tab -- Do all the needed improvements qualify or would they be part of a larger project? How will you prioritize the improvements?

Are there any HPC (Historic Preservation Commission) requirements for improvements to your house?

How much will the total project cost? Will funds from this program cover the entire project?  If not, what other sources of funding do you have? We encourage you to use this loan to leverage your fundraising efforts.

When is the best time for your property to be under construction?  Will students need to find temporary housing during construction?

If the loan will support the down-payment, are other funds committed for the purchase?  Will the property need improvements too?


Who will be the Chapter's point person/people to work with the architect, contractor, lender, chapter residents and others through the entire project?   Are there Alumni members who can assist? 

What design, construction, or fundraising expertise do you need? You may find our list of vendors helpful (see document below).


Read though the Application Tab to understand what you'll need to submit.  If you're not sure where to begin, contact us.  We can help you think through the steps.