Draws process will be used for construction projects only - this does not apply to down-payment/purchase assistance loans.


All work must be performed by licensed contractors and must be permitted through appropriate governing agencies.  Remember, in Minneapolis, many houses have been designated as historic and will require HPC approval of improvements.

The contractor will submit draw requests to the title company using the following forms:

  1. Application for Payment (provided with closing documents)
  2. Lien Waiver (partial or full) - contractor may use their standard lien waiver or the one provided below.  Lien waivers will be required from each subcontractor as well. (provided with closing documents) 
  3. Draw Request Certification to be submitted with each draw (document below)
  4. UMFREA Inspection Form provided by UMFREA at time of inspection)
  5. Change order (if needed) - contractor may use their standard change order or the one provided here (document below)
  6. Certificate confirming project completion and use of funds for allowable costs (with final payment request only) (document below)